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Praying for Hope

Have you noticed that Paul’s prayers don’t contain long lists of physical concerns? His prayer is simply that we might know God better.

Coffee Break
  • Thanks Zach!  I totally agree with you, and I probably should have used a different title.  Dwelling in the text really is about sitting with the text and waiting on the Holy Spirit to speak to us...

  • The Goodness of God - Bethel Music (I am moved by this song every time we sing it.)

    Who You Say I Am - Hillsong Worship

    Living Hope - Phil Wickham

  • Welcome Becky!  Great to have you on board, and I look forward to working together!

  • Thanks Ruth, 

    I have observed this somewhat in my  Coffee Break group.  We have a growing number of women who are finding us through various avenues.  I have learned that it is a gift to...

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  • Thanks so much for this post, helping us to focus on transformation!  I like the questions you've listed here.  I really like that some of the questions are focused on the application of what we'...

  • Thanks Diane!  I agree whole-heartedly!  For those who live alone (or those who are in challenging relationships), we can give the gift of touch.  And it's a great suggestion to ask first.  Thanks...

  • Hi Kate, 

    I'm not sure if you're asking about having partners within or outside the group.  Sometimes we can invite women who can't come to the group (perhaps because they're working or...

  • Thanks Sam!  I think one of the things that I'm learning is our need to 'wonder'!  I often challenge people to try to read the text as if reading it for the first time.  (We often read through our...

  • Thanks Keith, that's helpful!

  • Thanks for this article.  I wonder if you could share a story of how this has played out?  It would be so helpful to read an example of how this has been put into practice. 

    I have seen...