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ESL Coffee Break

I had a conversation with a couple of people regarding Coffee Break being used for ESL (English as a Second Language)  groups in churches. I'd love to hear from more of you who are doing this, or are considering this ministry in your church. 

Coffee Break
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Consider Women's Ministry

I welcome your thoughts about a broader perspective on Women’s Ministry. What shape does it take in your church? What are you doing in your Coffee Break or in addition to it, to share the love of Jesus with others in your church and community?

Coffee Break
  • Thanks Zach!  I totally agree with you, and I probably should have used a different title.  Dwelling in the text really is about sitting with the text and waiting on the Holy Spirit to speak to us...

  • The Goodness of God - Bethel Music (I am moved by this song every time we sing it.)

    Who You Say I Am - Hillsong Worship

    Living Hope - Phil Wickham

  • Welcome Becky!  Great to have you on board, and I look forward to working together!

  • Thanks Ruth, 

    I have observed this somewhat in my  Coffee Break group.  We have a growing number of women who are finding us through various avenues.  I have learned that it is a gift to...

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  • Thanks so much for this post, helping us to focus on transformation!  I like the questions you've listed here.  I really like that some of the questions are focused on the application of what we'...

  • Thanks Diane!  I agree whole-heartedly!  For those who live alone (or those who are in challenging relationships), we can give the gift of touch.  And it's a great suggestion to ask first.  Thanks...

  • Hi Kate, 

    I'm not sure if you're asking about having partners within or outside the group.  Sometimes we can invite women who can't come to the group (perhaps because they're working or...

  • Thanks Sam!  I think one of the things that I'm learning is our need to 'wonder'!  I often challenge people to try to read the text as if reading it for the first time.  (We often read through our...

  • Thanks Keith, that's helpful!

  • Thanks for this article.  I wonder if you could share a story of how this has played out?  It would be so helpful to read an example of how this has been put into practice. 

    I have seen...