Mark Vande Zande

  • Every year, on Mother's Day, we do a Men's/Boy's Walk-up Choir to honor the women in our lives.  Every year, on Father's Day, we do a Woman's/Girls Walk-up Choir to honor the men in our lives.

  • Scott,

      Thank you for the thought provoking article.  I too have thought a lot about the call process in the CRC and wondered what the best length of time it is for a pastor to stay.  It's...

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  • The Pastor really does get his own glass of water.  It's just not fair!

  • At every Elders meeting we always ask the question - How is ministry going?  We go around the room and each Elder has an opportunity to give feedback on the way ministry is handled.  It sometimes...

  • Thank you Sam for reminding us once again of the importance of the preaching of the Word and why it is and always will be considered one of the 3 marks of the true church.

  • I hope the seminary provides training for leadership of funerals, weddings, baptisms, and the Lord Supper.  Coming out of Seminary I had never led a funeral or knew what to do.  I had never...

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