Marlin Hendricks

About Me: 

Born & raised in the CRC, lived most of my life in the Lynden WA. area. Past council chair


Kingdom interests include Cadets, Habitat for Humanity, environmental issues & poverty and justice issues.

Current reading interests include leadership, the emerging church discussion, justice issues

Personal interests include reading, woodworking & kayaking

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Who has information on how to handle the training and support for the Council/Elder chairman?

To be council chair or officer can be a daunting and lonely task - especially for your first time. We are forming an area group of leaders from 6 to 8 local churches. We are seeking input and/or materials to help us be more effective in our roles and to train our replacements and get them up to speed so that they can be more effective right from the start of their tenure. There seems to be a couple of key elements that would be most helpful in carrying out these duties effectively; a) to provide continuity to the leadership and vision of the council with the scheduled "churn" of 1/3 of the...
Leadership Development