Meghan Kraley

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I'm the communications coordinator for the Office of Social Justice.


Interested in emerging technologies, new means of interaction, hands-on creative stuff, hippie household activities (brewing, canning, repurposing...). Very much an autodidact. Married to a tinkerer who'll talk your ear off about archaic programming languages.

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Commitment to My Immigrant Neighbor

The OSJ and Office of Race Relations are offering a new opportunity to fulfill God’s command to love our neighbor and welcome the stranger among us. We ask that you sign A Commitment to My Immigrant Neighbor , a personal pledge committing to live out your faith by aiding immigrants marginalized by our broken system. Every voice that signs is an important word of encouragement to our immigrant neighbors and a valuable demonstration of the desire for a U.S. immigration system that is more just. Please add your name today!
Biblical Justice
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Access of West MI survey

Saw this on Twitter and thought deacons would be the best group to participate - please fill out this short survey on social action in your church. Thanks for your input! This information will help many West Michigan organizations engaged in justice work.
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Congregational Green Grants

For the last two years, CRWRC and the Office of Social Justice have offered a Congregational Green Grant, $500 to churches most creatively engaged in creation care. If you're looking to dip your toes in this form of stewardship (foregoing styrofoam, etc), check out our compilation of last year's entries. Lots of good tips from CRC congregations already doing their part! Just click the link below, and scroll to the bottom to find lots of great ideas.
Biblical Justice
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Agapage: a free paging system for churches

I ran across this messaging tool for paging parents of small children during service. Basically, you sign in and create a profile for your children and their guardians. When an issue arises, the nursery attendant can easily send a text message to that child's family members. Thought it might be a useful resource!
  • Doug,

    This statement in particular was co-written by OSJ staff and the Office of Race Relations in accordance with the recommendations from Synod 2010 that we educate and advocate on...

  • Hi Jack,

    CRWRC and OSJ have teamed up the last few years to offer a congregational grant (Green Grant) to churches who are doing interesting things with creation stewardship. We get a lot...

  • Just to clarify, the Micah Network and Micah Center are two completely separate organizations. The article you cite also makes clear that the Micah Center is not officially sponsored by the CRCNA...

    posted on: Political Diversity
  • This really resonated with me - thought I'd share!

  • This year's Green Grant is now open - we're doing it a bit later this year due to staff turnover, but this is a good way to start thinking about spring :)

    The application deadline is March...

  • I've heard talk of promoting Crescent Project's DVD curriculum, which includes info on basic Islamic beliefs, how they compare with Christianity, how to better understand and embrace our Muslim...

  • My church doesn't, but I certainly wish they did! I'm in the twenty-something bracket you described, and hardly ever carry cash. I'd much rather give to my church electronically - if I could...

  • Fantastic! We'll be sending out announcements about this year's deadline soon...I'll make sure to post it here as well!

  • I've been hearing a lot of buzz about Grand Rapids Christian Connect - might be a useful crowdsourcing tool, at least locally.

    And for what it's worth, I think you hit the nail on the head...

  • I create multimedia presentations for the Office of Social Justice - we use a lot of cool freebie web tools that don't take a lot of time or skill, but give great results.

    Two of my...