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I am a mother of an adorable 11 month old baby girl and am married to a sheep/cattle farmer.  We live in rural Alberta.  I work part time as an LPN in an assisted living facility.

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Hidden Blessings

I find it hard to see everyone attend Christmas concerts and go to many Christmas dinners while I consider if it's worth it to attend the same things because what if Savanah catches another cold or the flu which then makes it such a struggle for her to breathe and eat ... and yet I believe that God has seen my tears.

Disability Concerns
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Do you have any advice or information about starting up support groups for parents?

Hello everyone! I am looking for any advice and information about starting up support groups for parents. I have a wonderful lady in my church (who is our parish nurse) that has been really excited to start a parent group in our community. We have had a lot of expressed interest in this with other local parents.I am helping her get some contacts and some ideas on how to start it, how to organize meetings, what to discuss...anything! I would love to hear back from anyone that is part of a group like this and let me know how your group works....Looking forward to hearing from you :) melissa
Disability Concerns
  • Hello again,

    First I want to thank you Anje, for your encouraging words that you posted recently.  I am frequently amazed at the strength of your faith.  Your posts uplift me.  I thank the...

    posted on: Hidden Truths
  • Thank you Bev, for your encouraging words this morning.  I needed them at this time.  My husband and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary today and I am finding myself very emotional. ...

    posted on: Hidden Truths
  • Dear Anje,

    I have not been able to respond to any of your posts since you have joined this forum, yet I read each one and hung onto every word.  You might have read some of my earlier posts...

    posted on: Hidden Truths
  • Good morning!

    This is a really interesting question.  We got pregnant through IVF.  That was a difficult journey in itself that came through many nights of tears and prayers asking for...

  • Thanks for all the quick replies and great advice!  Bev, I actually just purchased your book and paged through it this morning :)  Do you think it is more geared to mothers?  (we have a few men in...

  • Hello,

    We returned from Revelstoke, B.C. this week where we had a family reunion.  It was a great time to reunite with a lot of family that I haven't seen since my wedding over 9 years ago...

  • Hello!  I also am very happy to be a part of this group, especially because we can be free with our faith.  Some of you are already aware of Ryan (my husband) and my daughter, Savanah Grace.  But...

  • Hello everyone!  I find it encouraging to hear that my husband and I aren't the only ones going through these special challenges.  We have a beautiful 11 month old daughter that was diagnosed with...