Melissa Van Dyk

About Me: 

I moved to BC from Ontario 10 years ago and have only looked back a few times. :D I love the church and being an active part of it. While I was serving as a deacon I discovered Diaconal Ministries of Canada and happily accepted the invitation to become the Board Representative for BCNW. As part of that role I've been able to serve on the Operation Manna Committee. That means I have the opportunity to hear about the initiatives local church communities are doing to connect with their communities, from all across Canada. Having completed the BCLDN ( program and being currently enrolled at Carey Theological College, I am perpetually considering pursuing an ordained ministry position, although it would mean giving up the unofficial secret agent role, which can wield exciting organic opportunities.  Plus, I currently love my day job, which allows me to serve in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, a very unique population group. 

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  • Mary! Thanks for sharing.  We rejoice for these visionary kingdom leaders!  May your community continue to be blessed by Art, and others like him!

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  • Hi Wendy,  We still have 2 offerings at our Sunday morning service.  One for the budget and one for a designated cause, previously set up by the deacons.  Sometimes when there is a special need (... view