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I believe Christ formed me to be about forming others in His image. I seek to assist in that endeavor of sanctification wherever he puts me. I am happily married and the father of two wonderful Christian children, one married to a wonderful Christian mate. I was born and raised in Zeeland, MI, but have spent now as many years in Sugar Land, TX as I did in Zeeland. I am going where God takes me. I desire to be obedient.


Gardening, Time with Family, discipleship, character development, leadership development, Christian ministry, self-awareness.

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Using a Journey Wall for Classis Renewal

A journey wall is a congregation wide experience in which a congregation posts their memories of positive and challenging experiences with the church, puts their story into chapters and then looks for repeated patterns across the life of the church.

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Discipler? What Do You Really Do?

What do you do? I am a “facilitative, organizing catalyst who brings energy, creativity andpassion to change or development-oriented efforts (catalyst) through building structures, methods or programs (organizing) that equip, empower or provide tools for growth (facilitative).” That is a mouth full.  

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Toward a Reformed Theology of Self-Awareness

John Calvin includes this peculiar statement in the introduction to his institutes: “Without knowledge of self there is no knowledge of God.” It is such a strange statement from someone so focused on God first and foremost. This statement sounds like something that would come from a 20th century proponent of the therapeutic approach, rather than from a 16th century Reformer.

  • I am sure you used the phrase for literary affect, brother but there is no shame on you in Christ.  Jesus Christ has taken away all shame and we can be glad for it :-)

    posted on: Time for Revival?
  • Thank you Nathan for your concise summary. It is my experience that triads & quads and I expect focused huddles of 5-7 as well, are very helpful to move the many folk who are stuck at the good...

    posted on: Huddles and Triads
  • I appreciate the concern expressed in Reg's solution which the council gave, but that solution does not fit with Scripture (Matthew 18) or Church Order (in CRC polity there is no such thing as an...

    posted on: Enough is Enough
  • "In my opinion, any planning effort, such as improving pastor/congregation relations or accepting recommendations from consultants, or even goals to increase the size of the fellowship, is a waste...

    posted on: Enough is Enough
  • There is much wisdom here, Norm. 

    posted on: Long Goodbye
  • Thank you Louis and Karl for your affirmation of this work. I recently heard an elderly sage in the area of church health say something like this. "Increasingly most all of the challenges which...

  • Thank you Dannell for sharing this. At CrossPoint you have done what most churches have not. You have created a unified and clear description and path of discipleship. It is very easy to...

  • A well put important reminder.

    posted on: Letting Go
  • From the floor of Synod: I am pleased to see a spirit of finding a way together through changing times, even though we may see things differently. We need each other.



  • "as I imagine the proportion of comments to this blog post as opposed to the one previous will amply attest." So do you think this will get more or less responses than your previous blog ; )?...