Michael Prinsloo

About Me: 

I am a Christian and I was born in a Christian home in South Africa. My dad was an evolutionist but my mother was a Christian. I went through my childhood with the normal teenage ups and downs and I was far away from God for a while, but luckily I started on the narrow path towards Him. In South Africa I had a blind faith and since emigrating to Canada into the godless mass, i had to research my faith and and I delved into the evolution theory. I have discovered what a big lie it actually is and how much people are being fooled. Now I have a deeper understanding of the popular lies being spread that even Christians can start to believe. I am learning everyday about the wonderful Creator and Hs handywork.


Reading up on the lies of evolution. I also like to read up on issues of the Christian faith and why I believe in God. And there is a book written by D.James Kennedy: "Why I Believe". What a wonderful book. God bless James for writing this book.