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Michele Gyselinck

About Me: 

I am a 61-year-old woman.  I was born in Montreal and grew up in a western suburb of the city.  I became a confessing member of the local CRC, First Christian Reformed Church of Monreal on May 15, 1977, so this year will be the 40th anniversary of that event.  I have two B.A.s, one in LInguistics and the other in English Studies with a Major in Professional Writing in English.  I developed schizophrenia around the age of 28.


I like to paint with knives and I enjoy cooking.

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On Pain and Lament

As many people who experience suffering from mental illnesses know, this affliction often causes extreme psychological and emotional anguish. I’ve personally found my most meaningful Scripture text in Lamentations. 

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  •  "But I wonder if it’s possible to take that approach too far? Do I convey the attitude that living with a disability is really no big deal? Or, worse, do I give the impression that it’s some sort...

  •  Thank you for sharing this.  I have both schizophrenia and diabetes Type 2, and because of the side effects from my meds I often struggle with diarrhea.  If I can't get to sleep at a certain time...

  •  We don't have one.  Our congregation is small and several members already juggle with more than one commitment, so we avoid piling on the ministries whenever possible.

  •  When my mom had a crack in a vertebra some years ago she was in so much pain the doctor noticed and prescribed morphine.  It alleviated the pain and she returned the pills she didn’t need back to...

  •  Yikes! That's awful. Doctors can be real jerks sometimes, not to say something worse.  It goes to remind us that they are sinners too.  In fact, my mom, age 92, who worked with doctors as a...

  • Just to point out a fact, Marc Lépine had only one sister. Both of them died before their mother who is still alive. His sister whose name I don't know died of a drug overdose some years after...

  •  I've been taking pills since I was five months old because of congenital hypothyroidism--basically my thyroid gland did not function, so the hormones it would normally secrete had to be replaced...

  • I have been keeping a prayer journal for decades already. I hope the volumes interest someone after I'm gone.

  • Yes, I'm not a big fan of them myself. I'd rather paint pictures than try to put an existing one back together, but once is a while I will try to fit a piece in.
    When I set up to paint, I...

  •  The book of Lamentations, especially Lamentations 3:19-33 which is my preferred text.  It is the text that speaks the most to my experience with schizophrenia.