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Michele Gyselinck

About Me: 

I am a 58-year-old woman.  I was born in Montreal and grew up in a western suburb of the city.  I became a confessing member of the local CRC, First Christian Reformed Church of Monreal on May 15, 1977, so this year will be the 40th anniversary of that event.  I have two B.A.s, one in LInguistics and the other in English Studies with a Major in Professional Writing in English.  I developed schizophrenia around the age of 28.


I like to paint with knives and I enjoy cooking.

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On Pain and Lament

As many people who experience suffering from mental illnesses know, this affliction often causes extreme psychological and emotional anguish. I’ve personally found my most meaningful Scripture text in Lamentations. 

Safe Church
  • Yes, well, I get that. I haven't done a painting in ages either, but it wasn't because of a job's requirements. All sorts of things got in the way. I would have liked to share some more in this...

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  • I feel no such temptation.

  • Dear Linda, If you'd like to try acrylics you can find them in art supply stores. They come in varying degrees of viscosity depending on how you want to spread them on your canvas. Personally,...

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  • GOOD!  Kinism makes no sense whatsoever.

  • As sewing has never been my forte, that doesn't mean a great deal to me, but I like to paint. While oil painting allows more time to finish a painting, I have had to stick to acrylics because of...

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  • I am not implying that it's a simple issue. Ghislaine Maxwell, for example, was hoping for a marriage proposal from Epstein and never got it. Roger Ailes's assistant got a mere pittance in his...

  • I didn't answer that question right away because I wanted to think about it.  Inasmuch as I can I avoid posting outrageous comments on my page, and most of my FB friends avoid it also.  Instead,...

  • I disagree. I think the president is using simplistic answers to complex problems to avoid addressing the real issue which is restricting access to firearms, especially assault rifles, which are...

  • The point of the de-institutionalization was that community support resources were supposed to follow the discharge of psychiatric patients into the community, but those resources never followed...

  • I haven't seen a brown bin at church, but I do know that my church does recycling.  Usually the bin is kept inside next to the side door of the building, so if there was a brown bin it would...