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Short Term Leaves of Absence

Unfortunately we often write policies or establish practices after we are presented with a question or event and we establish a policy in a reactionary mode.  We may even write a new policy geared to the specifics of a situation without much regard for what similar events might come up down the road.

Church Admin & Finance
  • I don't believe there is a "boiler plate policy" that can be applied. 

    The following online entry might provide some assistance. 


  • I think you would need to pay the substitute either as an employee, or contract and issue a 1099. If you pay your regular church secretary it will be reported as wages on her W-2 and she will pay...

  • Mom.... Dad.....sit still, you're embarrassing me.

  • Really, a dog came to church with them today!

  • Larry

    At this point we are not aware of any changes to the Medicare Advantage plans, other than new taxes that likely will be added in to the premiums charged by insurance companies. 

  • Here's a link with some information about the small business tax credit. I have not heard that it will be eliminated.