About Me: 

I previously served (as a volunteer) for many years at Friendship Christian Reformed Church, in Byron Center, MI, as the church administrator -- I am very much interested in church administration, church culture, and how we get things done in the best way in doing the work assigned to the Church.  In addition to being a retired military officer, I have previous experience as a facility manager for a large hospital, an operations manager for a construction company, and, then, as a business owner.  I also have previous experience as a deacon and as an elder, to include a term as Council President.  I have been a delegate to Synod one time.

I am married, with two grown children (both married).  Grandchildren are one of the my greatest enjoyments in life right now.


My hobbies and interests include:  Wednesday date days with my wife, sports, computers, elk hunting, cruise vacations.

I am also interested in the use of technology in the church, (church) organizational culture, church order, and (church) organizational structure.

Recent Comments:
  • Technology can also help with keeping the doors locked (and avoiding the issue of keys).  Use a card access system on one or two exterior doors that your members would use to get into the building... view

  • Bonnie, I agree ... get it on the church website.  We did it for the two reasons you mentioned and also as a resource to refer to for our own members.

  • Yes, there is a new Safe Church Director -- see http://www.crcna.org/news.cfm?newsid=3088&section=1

    Our church updated our Safe Church policy a couple of years ago.  Anyone is welcome... view