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  • Do you mean you want to teach these women to pray together in pairs or small groups?
    Do they pray out loud, in group, at the present time? 

  • http://www.careleader.org/encouraging-people-open-trauma/?utm_source=Car...

    read this today and thought it helpful


  • What does our congregation do to create safe spaces for people to share the hard stories?

    Well our leadership does not really do anything. Individual pastors, including our current interim...

  • Hi Dirk

    I am praying that God will give you the help that you need.
    In my healing journey I have been helped by friends, family, nurses, doctors, psychiatrists, counselors, and pastors...

    posted on: Deliverance
  • So simple, easily done, and so profound.

  • We were talking about this struggle at the ministry where I volunteer.
    Our clients are often chronically ill, disabled and/or struggling with addictions.
    When preparing for a study using...

  • Other questions are:
    What is the purpose of the group:
    Is it for Bible Study?
    Is it for Bible Study and growing in your walk with God?
    Is it for Bible Study and looking at your...

  • Thank-you for writing this Monica.
    In your first sentence you talk about a
    "culture accustomed to constantly rationalize and justify abuse of power, be it physical, emotional, or sexual...

  • Yes, a beautiful testimony.
    I long for this for all of us.

  • I appreciate you writing about Ruth Tuckers  book.
    In my congregation women are not permitted to be in 'office'.
    I have had 2 conversations about this with elders recently. One elder had...