Nate W.

About Me: 

First and foremost I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I'm a husband and a father of two (just had the second one a couple of weeks ago). My life is extremely blessed because of my family.

On a professional note, I have both my Bachelors and Masters degrees in accounting. I worked for one of the Big 4 accounting firms for a brief amount of time (most people don't last long with those companies).

I have served as the accountant for my church and in various other church leadership positions. I currently operate a website where I write about church management software. I have a lot of experience testing and reviewing this type of software. Hopefully some members of this community will benefit from this experience. Feel free to contact me for more information at any time.

I really think that a good church managment program can benefit church leaders. It's extremely difficult for the church leaders that I work with to manage their time. They want to spend all of their time visiting and directly helping the members of the church. However, the nature of a church is that you have to spend time managing it. This involves keeping records about accounting, attendance, and more. Fortunately, today we have church software that can help us manage these tasks. The software definitely speeds up the process, but it doesn't do everything by itself.

Hopefully your church can have a church management system that will allow the leaders to be out and visiting with the people, instead of being stuck in the office. I really think my site can help with identifying a good system for your church.