Nathan Visker

About Me: 

I'm a pastor of a wonderful church in Ferrysburg, MI. I'm married with 3 kids. We've felt called to home-educate our children and that's been a real adventure. But it's also helped us to think outside the box about lots of other things including church.

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  • Charles, I suppose this charge could be levied against anything we do in the church - sermons, sacraments, other spiritual disciplines.  Without biblical content and the Holy Spirit, all forms or... view

    posted on: Huddles and Triads
  • Absolutely, Michael.  It seems like adding intentionality and small community to the spiritual journey accelerates it.  Of course, it's not the formula that makes it happen.  But it seems like God... view

    posted on: Huddles and Triads
  • Thanks for your comments, Gilbert.  I agree that discipleship is not about a tool or method.  I refer to it as a culture, and I'm thinking specifically about how to help people in the community of... view