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What's the best way to share original worship music?

I'm wondering if anyone knows the best way to share original worship music. I've written some songs and I've shared them on my personal website and Facebook, but how do you go about sharing a new worship song to the broader community?
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    Clearly free or cheap is also a must for the inner city church. I'm still wading through options like Mozy, Crashplan, Dropbox, etc.


    Mozy is good...

  • We've just always posted our entire bulletin online. Never had any complaints or issues about privacy, maybe it's just a part of our culture, but I think if it isn't made a big deal of, it'll...

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  • I love it. This is officially bookmarked and saved. Between this and the worship grids from Calvin that can be found in the "Resources" section, it gives me pretty much everything I need.

  • We try to include new songs on a somewhat regular basis, one per month, two maximum. Finding new worship songs can be difficult. I usually find new things from going to pandora.com and typing in a...

  • I've got several songs that are free to use at your church. Each has a (relatively poorly made) video and a lead sheet.

    Redeem My Mind: http://vimeo.com/15461954 (My church responded really...

  • I love this model. This is another incredible resource. I do have one question on logical progression... shouldn't a "Call To Confession" preceed "Confession"?

  • We try to keep a balance but there is no rule. We think long and hard about the sermon topic and we select music that matches the theme of the service, whether it is new, old or original.

  •  I looked over Planning Center but decided it wasn't a great match, I have used SongSelect and that's pretty brilliant. I've just used a simple Wiki in the past, having the ability to go freeform...