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What's the best way to plan for low and irregular Sunday School attendance?

Our Sunday school has low and irregular attendance (from about one child to eight or more). The leaders are currently using the Kid Connection curriculum, which seems to be a good fit for a small Sunday school. However, not knowing whether two or ten students are going to be there makes planning, even with this curriculum, a challenge and it is disheartening. The leaders asked that I solicit any suggestions or advice. Any thoughts?
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  • Here's the recipe:

    It should hold up very well to dipping.

  • On Sunday we're going to do a test run with a simple home-made hypo-allergenic bread: free of gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, and nuts. If all goes well, I'll post the recipe.

  • Roger,

    Obviously much is lost when communication takes place only in print. Perhaps that is what has happened with your comment. Could you please clarify:

    When you described the "...

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