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I grew up in Gallup, NM, attended Rehoboth Christian K-12, then moved to Grand Rapids to attend Calvin. I've been here ever since. I'm the husband of but one wife, and the father of three great kids. My wife and I share a job in the Service-Learning Center at Calvin College, and we also share the job of caring for our children. We're active members at Creston CRC on the near Northeast side of town, where I also serve as the Adminstrative Coordinator.


The Kingdom of God, Urban Renewal, Community Development, Anti-Racism, Social Justice, Gardening, Environmental Sustainability, NPR

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I'm concerned that the video introducing "network" didn't mention anything about confidentiality. Is there a good way to address the issue of confidentiality, while still making this site useful for such sensitive situations?

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Surprised by Hope

We're reading through and discussing N.T. Wright's book, "Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church." Has anyone else read this book with a group from church? I'm curious to hear about how other's feel Wright's theology .

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  • This document refers to "written benevolence procedures," but they are not included in the post. Would it be possible to post those as well?


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  • I really like how you can subscribe (once again) to individual topics, because the overall summary email was just too overwhelming. Thanks for brining that back.

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  • I was struck by this reality when visiting a sponsorship organization's school in Kibera back in 2002. Not only did it strike me as tragic that only one family member could attend the school, but...