Norman Visser

About Me: 

I am a Canadian who has twice lived in the US, once by my parents’ choice and once by my own.  When I was in high school we also spent time in Mexico while my parents were training for missions.  That gives me a very small claim to being a missionary or pastors kid, but most of my childhood was spent on a farm in southern Ontario.  I have a BA from Dordt College and a MDiv from Calvin Seminary, but the largest and most ornate diploma on my wall is for a two year program, the Associate Diploma in Agriculture from the University of Guelph.   I am married and am the father of three children.  I am presently serving as pastor of the Calvary Christian Reformed Church in Chatham and have also served congregations in Nova Scotia and South Dakota.  In my down time I enjoy reading for pleasure, gardening, cooking and baking bread without a machine. 

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  • Thanks for catching that.  It is a typo, but the terms are not unrelated and it does bring a nice picture to mind.

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