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Discovering Patterns

Nine years into being a pastor, I got a phone call from a woman who was not a member of the church I was serving. She wanted to arrange to come and “do her fifth step” with me.

  • Hi Pastor Will, thanks for reading and your interest in the Fellowship. This opportunity was first announced on November 5th via the 'For Pastors' email list and other media, including a Financial...

  • Henry, 

    I really like your suggestion. In fact, I think I might include it in a future revision of the blog. It makes sense that meeting with ministry leaders could offer a more realistic...

  • Keith, 

    Thanks so much for your comment. We appreciate hearing how real pastors and real churches experience the search process. I thought I’d offer a word about pastor search firms (from...

  • Thanks for this excellent blog post Bonnie. I hope it speaks to many.

  • Thanks for sharing your journey with spiritual direction Henry. I hope it results in others becoming curious about it and checking it out.

    Pastor Church Resources has a resource that folks...

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