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Husband on one, father of two, church planter/Pastor of New City Church in urban Kansas City Missouri. 

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Writing as a Spiritual Habit

In the writing we can deal with ourselves and the world in hopefully more healthy and whole ways. The written word need not be a weapon to bludgeon others. It can be a safe place between you and the Creator. 

Faith Nurture
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Life as Paradox

Life is a paradox. There are days when life seems “self-contradictory” and “absurd.” We can't make sense of the great joy and stomach-turning sorrow. But are these situations really paradoxes?

Faith Nurture
  • Of course Jerry, I could not include every detail... thankful for the CRCHM!


  • Thanks John. I know productivity is an economic term, but I think it captures the idea I was trying to express. Thanks for the reminder of obedience, because that is the way we show our love for...

  • Thanks brother. These ideas have been germinating and marinating in my mind and heart for a few years, especially as we planted a church in a liberal-conservative mix of an urban city. The gospel...

  • Thanks for the encouragemnt. I think, finding the balalce between the different streams of Reformed faith (piety, transformational, etc.) is the key of a robut gospel centric theology. 

  • What a blessing!

  • Glad you were encouraged.

  • Here are some stats from Barna-


    Then I use my own personal research in my city of the many pastors I run into that are...

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  • Great thoughts Neil! I like your take on being disicplined in community. It is amazing how communities inspire individuals to do things they would not do on their own or by mere will power. When I...