Paul Boice

About Me: 

I’ve been involved in youth ministry since, well, since I was in middle school.  Like most CRC/RCA kids, I was actively involved in middle and high school youth groups.  When I got to college (Calvin), I was involved in various ministries around campus. 

After I married my wife, Amy, we became volunteer youth leaders at our church. Amy and I were youth leaders for more than 15 years.  During that time, we also volunteered with Youth Unlimited and helped plan and run several conventions.  I was on the Youth Unlimited board for many years and just recently left the board.

I’m the Director of Communication for the Reformed Church in America.  Yeah, I’m RCA.  But if it makes anyone feel better, I’ve spend my life worshiping in both CRC and RCA churches.  My folks loved to start new churches and eagerly joined both CRC and RCA plants, so I learned to enjoy the reformed theology of both denominations.


I travel quite a bit in my job, so I love to spend time with my wife and two kids when I have free time.  My boys play baseball, so I spend plenty of time at their games as well.

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