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Paul VanderKlay

About Me: 

For me the CRC has always been a place of diversity. I grew up in an urban church plant while attending Eastern Christian in New Jersey. I got my BA in History at Calvin College and an M.Div from Calvin Seminary. After Calvin I worked with Christian Reformed World Missions in the Dominican Republic. 

After the DR I took a call to the Living Stones CRC in Sacramento CA and have been busy with my buddy Kevin Adams and others helping to plant churches, do a Leadership Development Network and wreak as much havoc as I can in Classis Central CA.  I've was a member of the Board of Home Missions for almost ten years.


I like reading, thinking and blogging. I love visiting the amazing national parks of California with my family. 

I'm passionate about urban ministry, church planting, gospel and culture issues. 

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Advisors and the Collateral Benefits of Synod

The last substantive motion of CRC Synod 2014 came from the floor. The restoration of the ethnic advisors. Ethnic advisors have served Synod for a number of years due to the lack of ethnic diversity. The plan was for there to be advisors until 25 delegates were from non-CRC-majority culture...

CRCNA and Synod
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God's Own Fool

I’ve seen pastors happy and sad, fresh and broken. I remember one pastor telling me how he made sure his son didn’t go into the ministry. He didn’t want him making THAT mistake. I was glad I wasn’t his son.

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I believe the mood of the CRCNA today is anxious ... the presence of the entire framework through which we’ve interpreted the value of the gospel has changed and in many ways we need to work to understand the gospel anew within our present cultural-values framework.

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Moving Beyond Attracting the Dormant Zombies of Christendom

In the late 90′s I was a pastor reading business books with my missional cohort in our Sacramento mission field. We were attending conferences at Willow Creek and Saddleback trying to figure out how to “create a safe place to hear a dangerous message.” It wasn’t just seeker methodology we were mining. We were exploring cell churches, house churches, multi-site churches, and just about any methodology that ...

  • Part of the difficulty is the recent colonization and cultural polarization of the term "social justice". I've got it on my bulletin head and I won't surrender it to the ideological civil war...

  • My guess is that not all declared to be "social justice" is alike. Early 20th century forced sterilization motivated by social Darwinism in the name of improving the race would likely have been...

  • The proper response to original sin is to embrace the teachings of Jesus, although one will remain always a sinner nevertheless. The proper response to White Privilege is to embrace the teachings...

  • I will say more. I am planning a video on this. I think it's important. In the mean time Pastor T I think sheds light on what I want to say in this important conversation with Coates. https://...

  • I very much agree that we indeed learn racism and that it is lamentably often intentionally taught and modeled. It is important to address it at that level. 

    My main pushback on the quote...

  • It is true that we don't own Jesus, he owns us. 

    One of my central texts is the beginning of the book of Acts. The disciples imagine that now post-cross and post-resurrection the real show...

    posted on: We Don't Own Jesus
  • I'm just trying to follow the thread here. Yellowbox Church uses Orange, the negative example from the article. 

    So the...

  • Perhaps for the sake of clarity we should put two streams together. Both the "what is the purpose of a denomination (focusing on agencies, services and the like) and the Same sex marriage debate...

  • Bill Harris is right. Here is 3000 words that say I agree with him. 

  • Why are there new "readings" of scripture emerging? Is this uncertainty a transitional experience in at one point thinking things were clear and now seeing them as less clear? Where is God in this...