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Inspire 2017 Updates: Your Feedback Needed

Details for Inspire 2017 on August 3-5 in Detroit, MI are unfolding nicely! But before the planning goes any further, we want hear from you. Are there topics you want to discuss or stories you want to hear?

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  • Love this Denise!  I promise to share it well!  And as much as they blessed you, I'm sure you were a blessing to them as well!  Paula

  • We were out on the boat yesterday, hosting two young couples that didn't know each other... and as the day progressed, one couple asked the other, "have you found a community to worship with?"  I...

  • Praying here too!

    Paula Wigboldy

    posted on: Deliverance
  • Craig -- I just LOVE your passion and succinct messaging!  I couldn't agree more!  It's the sharing of our faith, our personal stories, our willingness to be vulnerable, our heart for others, and...

  • Dan -- Thanks for your heart and passion for those that might have areas of accessibility issues.  We have been working closely with Mark Stephenson and his team!  Our goal is that this event will...

  • Terry -- Thanks for your thoughts!  YES!  We are hoping for lots of gathering for churches/leaders/volunteers to share stories.  We have a few breakout sessions designed to ignite those...

  • Angela -- Love... that you are looking for this!  We too, have thought this to be a vital part of Inspire 2017!  Although we are not using a specific book to drive the sessions, we have a number...