Pete VanderBeek

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VanderBeek, translated in to English, means "from the Brook" so it fit my last name that I was born in Brooks Alberta.


Pictures that show the seemingly ordinary in new light, and pictures of nature, both the seeing of them and the shooting of them.


How culture changes, how technology is changing us.


The power of narrative, of story.


Asking provocative questions and hearing good answers to them.


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Defining 'preaching of the Word'?

Lately, doing some appreciative inquiry interviews in the congregation I'm serving, when it came to the question of what makes worship valuable and what is important in it, I heard people instintictively and happily respond with the Reformed shibboleth-cliché answer "of course, the Preaching of the Word is very important." I encountered this years ago at a Classis round table in Canada as well. When I appreciatively inquire about how they know when the preaching of the Word has happened, I very often get a look of deer caught in the headlights, or an answer like "Well, I know it when I hear...