Peter Jongsma

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Donation to CRCNA Agency?

I am doing research for a large donation to charities. Are there any good, Christian agencies under the CRCNA banner that are just doing the work of Christ in the world, without a political bias?

CRCNA and Synod
  • I am also looking for input on what agency the Office of Social Justice (OSJ) falls under, as I will use that as input to my donation decision.

    On World Renew, I know there is a lot of...

  • Doug, thank you for your thoughtful post about how we as individual Christians should welcome the stranger, and how governments should act to protect its citizens from harm.

    Let’s say a...

  • I appreciate this heartfelt prayer for all the good gifts God gives us, including coal, oil, and natural gas.  I will continue to praise God and thank him, and I appreciate the reminder that:...