Phillip Leo

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Connect the Dots

Connect the dots is magical—at least for someone like me, who barely managed a passing grade in high school art class! In my work this past year, I've been connecting the dots between churches and Barnabas Foundation.

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  • I really like the idea of giving up the habit of worrying. At times, I've thought about it this way too. Kudos to your wife for the insight!!

  • Scott -- I really like the idea of proverbs as life hacks. I think that would make a great sermon series!!

    I wouldn't say that life is too messy for a system because systems are built into...

  • Thanks for sharing about your dad. That's real leadership and also shows integrity. What a great example!

  • Ken -- This is great. I love it! I've been thinking too that giving is a doorway through which we enter into a deeper fellowship with God and one another. I like how you contrast giving with the...