Phillip Leo

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The One Thing

Let’s be clear, the point Jesus is making is not to live in abject poverty. Instead, it’s to trust God for your security and future, more than anything or anyone else.

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  • Thanks, Colin. Obviously, most folks are careful about sharing household income but an anonymous survey would give people the freedom to choose a range of income which is helpful information too....

  • I really like the idea of giving up the habit of worrying. At times, I've thought about it this way too. Kudos to your wife for the insight!!

  • Scott -- I really like the idea of proverbs as life hacks. I think that would make a great sermon series!!

    I wouldn't say that life is too messy for a system because systems are built into...

  • Thanks for sharing about your dad. That's real leadership and also shows integrity. What a great example!

  • Ken -- This is great. I love it! I've been thinking too that giving is a doorway through which we enter into a deeper fellowship with God and one another. I like how you contrast giving with the...