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Sussex CRC's Administrative Assistant.

  • Hi Bob,

    When our church presents the proposed budget at the yearly Congregational Meeting, we have separate line items for our minister's salary, for wages for paid employees and those who...

  • Greetings from Wantage, NJ, USA!

  • Thanks Tim! We have a ChMS program that we use (Servant Keeper). Which one do you use?

  • I don't know if it counts as a logo, but we have a stained glass window that we use as our image on basically everything (website, Facebook, bulletin covers, newsletters, etc.).

  • We typically promote small groups and Bible studies in our bulletin and on our Facebook page. Most of the group leaders have their own ways of communicating with those in the group and some will...

  • Sussex Christian Reformed Church in Sussex, NJ


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  • Hi Lori. Our church uses a company called Vanco to process online giving. This company was recommended to us by the company we use for our church database (Servant Keeper). I'm not sure if online...

  • Hi Jonathan. Honestly, our church has not done this, but I am curious about this as well. About a year ago, our church couldn't get enough volunteers for our GEMS program and they had to take a...

  • Hi Jay. Our church also uses Servant Keeper and we use Vanco for online donations. We picked Vanco because that was the service recommended by Servant Keeper. 

  • Thank you for this. As someone who comes from a family with a particularly bad medical history, this hits home.