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Rachel Boehm works as a healthcare administrator in the field of addictions and mental health. Rachel is a safe church representative for All Nations CRC and serves on the Safe Church Committee for Classis Eastern Canada. Rachel worked for many years as a professional communicator, writer and editor and is passionate about using social media to contribute to individual and collective learning, development and health. Rachel lives in Fall River, Nova Scotia, and is author of the children's book The Ways I Will Love You (www.facebook.com/TheWaysIWillLoveYou or http://www.orcabook.com/productdetails.cfm?PC=748)
Rachel is a mother of four who loves to spend time with her children. Rachel is an avid runner and a freelance writer, and she loves good books and spending time at the lake or ocean.
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Ideas for April: Safe Church

Any month is a good time to focus on safe church ministry, but April provides some special opportunities to connect with your congregation.

Safe Church
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On-the-Job-Training Isn’t Working

In a recent blog with Rhymes with Religion, Boz Tchividjian asserts the need for seminaries to provide formal training for church leaders in preventing and responding to child abuse.

Safe Church
  • Thanks, Bonnie! Yes Circle of Grace is an excellent curriculum! Check it out on the Safe Church Ministry website http://www.crcna.org/SafeChurch/education-best-prevention.


  • Thank you, Mark, for sharing these words. There are still so many topics we have a hard time discussing in our church families, including disability, divorce, abuse, addiction and mental illness,...

  • Most certainly, respect knows no boundaries! Everyone needs it and deserves it. However, in this blog I am specifically trying to draw particular attention to a big concern in many of our...

  • Peter, what a beautiful story! Thank you for telling I!

  • Thanks for the link to additional resources, Mark! This is an important issue. Many parents with children and adult children living with disabilities have told me that abuse is a big worry. So I...

  • Hi Forum Friends ... I am sorry to hear that someone has been hurt by this blog discussion to the point of unsubscribing to the forum. We certainly regret any hurt caused as that is not our...

  • Hi Shawn, The Network has Blog and Forums. Blogs are usually written by the Network Guide (myself) or a designate, or guest blogger. Not everyone can post a blog. Network Forums, on the other hand...

  • Hi Shawn, I will most certainly cover a wide variety of resources in upcoming blogs. I was pleased to attend a session sponsored by my classis that featured a guest speaker and researcher from the...

  • Hi Everyone - Thank you for this lively discussion! I just wanted to let you know that I will be featuring this topic in an upcoming blog with a guest blogger to give this topic more attention and...

  • "I am curious why we are not hearing from the Director of Safe Church Ministry Bonnie Nicholas or the Safe Church Guide Rachel Boehm on this issue.  Is it not directly speaking to the susposed...