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I am originally from Chile, SA. Married to Marlene and we have three daughters: Valentina, Claudia and Bianca. I am an ordained minister and actually I am a Chaplain at RWJUH in New Brunswick, NJ

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solo quiero comenzar saludando a mis colegas y amigos. Espero podamos usar esta herramienta para provecho mutuo. Hay diversos temas que me gustaria plantear, pero lo hare en unos dias. Un abrazo

  • Dear Allen, Thanks for bringing out a little more light respecting the origens and tasks of CRHM. My personal thougts and "critics" are not to be considered in a negative way, otherwise we could...

  • Dear Kris, I appreciate your experience with CRHM on planting churches and thanks for your comments. However, I am not sure that CRHM would help with resources if a local church does not fullfil...

  • A commentary about the las paragraph. There is always a risk when we tried to institutionalized church's mission. CRHM should function as a resource and help for local churches, but it seems to be...

  • Dear Angela, thanks for your thoughts. Reconciliation is more than just "racial". This one is a fruit of our reconciliation with God. However, we need to realize that "racial reconciliation" is...