About Me: 

My wife Brenda and I own a flower, gift and antique store in Listowel, Ontario. I have been a volunteer youth leader for many of the past 27 years, as well as serving on our local Christian school board and serving on council 4 times. At the present time,I am also on the All Ontario Youth Convention (AOYC) planning team, and the planning team for Classis Huron's Fall Retreat. This year I lead a team of youth from the AOYC on a mission trip to Nicaragua thru CRWRC, and we hope to go again in March 2013. My wife and I also volunteer at Passion in Atlanta every January.


I am intrested in youth, especially in getting them to life changing events. I love Christian music and attend as many concerts and events as I can. I am interested in many social justice issues, which include child sponsership, mission trips, and doing something about the slave trade. My hobbies include camping, making bird houses and furniture out of reclaimed materials, and reading.

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