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I am a life-long church member, and love being involved in ministry. I have worked as a volunteer or on staff in a variety of different roles in churches throughout my life. My favorite verse about ministry is Ephesians 2:10 - "For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."

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Volunteer Schedule Conflicts Ideas?

At our church, we have a lot of volunteers who serve in mulitple ministries. For example, one person might be on the Nursery list, they might be on the list to serve at after-church coffee time, and might also teach in one of the children's programs that meets during worship. Each of these ministries asks people to serve every 8-12 weeks, so we inevitably encounter schedule conflicts. Recently, someone suggested that we try to centralize and streamline our schedules to avoid scheduling conflicts. This sounds like a great idea! But also something that would take some time - and is just...
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Are Your Volunteers Too Busy?

I sort of secretly hope that those leading these ministries at my church ... don't find this post. I'm afraid they will panic if they find out I've suggested people do less at church. But that's not what I'm suggesting. Rather, I'm suggesting that people do more — more of what they are gifted to do.

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What's the best practice for getting church visitors to fill out welcome cards?

Network readers, I need your help! I can't figure out why people aren't completing visitor cards. I know we probably have 1-2 visitors per week, but we're seeing 1-2 cards per month. Here's what we've been doing: - There is a "Communication Card" in every bulletin, and bulletins are handed out at the door each week - There are pens at the seats - Most weeks, whoever is leading worship makes an announcement about the card. We mention that we are glad to welcome any visitors, and ask them to fill out a card so we can thank them for visiting. The card also has a place for comments/questions/...
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How does a church shift from "needs-based" to "gifts-based" ministry?

Our church is thinking more about gifts-based ministry (helping people discover the gifts God has blessed them with and how best to serve the church and others) rather than needs-based ministry ("we need 3 volunteers for the nursery and 24 dozen cookies for the ladies tea.") Who has seen this transition in their own church? How did it go? Are you in this transition? How is it going? Is your church now leading a strong, gifts-based ministry, with people equipped and passionate to serve? Can you provide advice or encouragement for those of us working in that direction?
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  • I was the Ministry Coordinator at CrossRoads when this was developed, and while I don't remember specifics of the results, I thought it was a great tool that ended up providing really helpful...

  • I would be deeply saddened if Synod were to overturn the decision of the Board of Trustees to keep Editor DeMoor in his position. Editor DeMoor's public apology (

  • Good question. I'm not a legal expert by any means, but my thought is that the poster of the video is responsible for the permissions. By creating a playlist, it does not create a duplicate copy...

  • RE: Copyright for new hymnals (Diane)

    I am loving planning worship using the new Lift Up Your Hearts hymnal, but ensuring correct licensing is BIG. DEAL. As in, taking a lot of time to make...

  • RE: Why change lyrics?

    Sometimes contemporary and popular worship songs do not reflect reformed theology. All our songs go through a review before we add them to our song list. In some...

  • Thank you for adding your comments about copyright and music as well as about copyright related to visual arts. I appreciate you taking time to add to the discussion.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

    As for the performance in worship aspect as referred to in § 110, I have read elsewhere that there is a difference between performance and...

  • I like that this is not just a small groups story, that Danell explained how this is just one part of how this vision for Discipleship is implemented across multiple ministries. Thanks, Danell!...

  • Hi, Kristin! This one for our church is a brief overview of the whole ministry, but includes a few tasks for the Head Usher (our Head Usher is the weekly point person, different from the person...

  • I organized one of these last August, a few weeks before several our our ministries re-started for the Fall season. A few weeks ahead of time, I contacted all the leaders of ministry and asked...