Reginald Smith

About Me: 

Rev. Reggie Smith is the director of the Office of Race Relations and has begin phasing in as director of the Office of Social Justice. Before his current position, Rev. Reggie led Roosevelt Park Community CRC on the southwest side of Grand Rapids, Michigan for twenty years. He has been president of the Roosevelt Park Neighborhood Association (RPNA) board for 18 years. Through collaboration between the church and RPNA, the neighborhood has built and owned its library and arts academy and decreased gang violence. The church started Roosevelt Park Ministries, a nonprofit ministry that sought to equip children with mentors, translation service, and ESL services, for almost two decades. Dr. Smith has taught urban ministry and urban development courses at Calvin Theological Seminary, Western Theological Seminary, and Grand Rapids Theological Seminary.

  • Thank you, Al, for this wonderful post of institutional wisdom. 

  • I think majority culture churches could learn an important aspect of the gospel from engaging in justice issues which the article points out from our other brothers and sisters. I think...

  • I think, in synodical conversation and in classis, that we should not name the pastor at all. It only furthers his heretical work. 

  • Doug, that's a great question. The answer is yes. To bring the sin of racism before the Lord is a wonderful opportunity to lament, repent, pray, and work towards becoming more aware of its effects...