Richard DeRuiter

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Pastor: Alger Community CRC (Alger, WA)

Captain & Chaplain: Alger Volunteer Fire Department (Skagit County FD#14)

Memmber: Dunamis Fellowship (PRMI).

Other: Logos Forum MVP


Guitar, writing worship music.

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Distinguishing Forgiveness from Reconciliation

Some folks assume that forgiveness and reconciliation are the same thing. They aren't. Forgiveness is what *I* do; Reconciliation is what *we* do. Forgiveness has to do with releasing a debt caused by behavior; Reconciliation has to do with re-building broken trust.

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Is It Just Me, or ...

Is it just me, or are other pastors & church leaders getting frustrated with the way our denominational communicates with us, particularly when they ask for (expect?) us to adopt their agenda for what our church needs?

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What's the best way to do a Membership class for both new and transfer members and what resources do you use?

First, do you have a membership class targetted to adults coming into your church as new believers, from other CRC's, and/or denominations? Second, what materials do you use for that (self-made, denominational resource, video, etc.)? I've been using Louis Tamminga's booklet Church Membership and You . But it has recently gone out of print. I know it's been made available in PDF format, but it's inconvenient and expensive to print/copy/assemble. Still, I like the organization of the booklet, and the brevity with which it covers the topics. My practice is to invite everyone wanting to explore...
  • Roger,

    In Philemon, Paul says this: "although in Christ I could be bold and order you to do what you ought to do, yet I prefer to appeal to you on the basis of love" (v.8). This is a key to...

  • I would agree that it is good to be uncertain about things Scripture is not completely clear about. The better/worse vs right/wrong argument has a certain appeal, and in some cases actually...

  • I'm withdrawing from this discussion.

    My main reason for withdrawing is that I'm on sabbatical and engaging in such discussions is not a part of my goals for this season.

  • Doug, I don't find your 'push back' much more helpful, than Dawn's statements. I'm not letting Dawn get away with her mischaracterizations, and I don't see a reason to let you do so.


  • John, I think you missed my point again.

    Here's what I said above, that you seemed to suggest I didn't say: "While I also believe that the message of chapters 1-3 are rendered all but...

  • Dawn, the problem isn't classis itself, and your last sentence underscores why it isn't. The problem isn't classis, but the culture of the people in it - well, at least in your classis. I invite...

  • Dawn, I grew up in the midst of this theological battle. I learned to appreciate the Biblical arguments from both sides, and also came to understand that most of the egalitarians weren't arguing...

  • John, of course I believe that the Scriptures are true, in every sense of the word 'true.'

    But I think it's a mistake to get so embroiled in the factuality of the creation story, that we...

  • It seems to me that this debate always orbits the wrong sun.

    Let's remember our church polity folks. The discussion should not be primarily about women, but about the nature and authority...

  • Thanks for bringing this up, Neil.

    I don't have 45 minutes to watch the entire video. It looks helpful, though and maybe I can carve out some time later. If you have a summary of the video...