Richard DeRuiter

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Pastor: Alger Community CRC (Alger, WA)

Captain & Chaplain: Alger Volunteer Fire Department (Skagit County FD#14)

Memmber: Dunamis Fellowship (PRMI).

Other: Logos Forum MVP


Guitar, writing worship music.

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Distinguishing Forgiveness from Reconciliation

Some folks assume that forgiveness and reconciliation are the same thing. They aren't. Forgiveness is what *I* do; Reconciliation is what *we* do. Forgiveness has to do with releasing a debt caused by behavior; Reconciliation has to do with re-building broken trust.

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Is It Just Me, or ...

Is it just me, or are other pastors & church leaders getting frustrated with the way our denominational communicates with us, particularly when they ask for (expect?) us to adopt their agenda for what our church needs?

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What's the best way to do a Membership class for both new and transfer members and what resources do you use?

First, do you have a membership class targetted to adults coming into your church as new believers, from other CRC's, and/or denominations? Second, what materials do you use for that (self-made, denominational resource, video, etc.)? I've been using Louis Tamminga's booklet Church Membership and You . But it has recently gone out of print. I know it's been made available in PDF format, but it's inconvenient and expensive to print/copy/assemble. Still, I like the organization of the booklet, and the brevity with which it covers the topics. My practice is to invite everyone wanting to explore...
  • Roger,

    In Philemon, Paul says this: "although in Christ I could be bold and order you to do what you ought to do, yet I prefer to appeal to you on the basis of love" (v.8). This is a key to...

  • I would agree that it is good to be uncertain about things Scripture is not completely clear about. The better/worse vs right/wrong argument has a certain appeal, and in some cases actually...

  • Sure, I'll explain.

    While the comments above may help one who is not addicted, nor prone to become addicted porn consumption, it won't help an addict any more than writing warnings on...

  • I agree that porn dehumanizes those portrayed in pornographic media (written and visual), and leads to porn consumers dehumanizing those around them. But it also dehumanizes the one consuming it....

  • I'm withdrawing from this discussion.

    My main reason for withdrawing is that I'm on sabbatical and engaging in such discussions is not a part of my goals for this season.

  • Doug, I don't find your 'push back' much more helpful, than Dawn's statements. I'm not letting Dawn get away with her mischaracterizations, and I don't see a reason to let you do so.


  • John, I think you missed my point again.

    Here's what I said above, that you seemed to suggest I didn't say: "While I also believe that the message of chapters 1-3 are rendered all but...

  • Dawn, the problem isn't classis itself, and your last sentence underscores why it isn't. The problem isn't classis, but the culture of the people in it - well, at least in your classis. I invite...

  • Dawn, I grew up in the midst of this theological battle. I learned to appreciate the Biblical arguments from both sides, and also came to understand that most of the egalitarians weren't arguing...

  • John, of course I believe that the Scriptures are true, in every sense of the word 'true.'

    But I think it's a mistake to get so embroiled in the factuality of the creation story, that we...