Robin Michelle Rhodes

About Me: 

I am a full-time student at Calvin Theological Seminary, pursuing a Master of Arts in Bible and Theology and a Master of Arts in Worship.  My husband, Quellis, and I hope to do world missions in another country.


I value the work of Safe Church Ministry, seeking to utilize proactive measures for abuse prevention in our churches.  I am also very involved in liturgical dance ministry and I volunteer as a helper in a dance class for dancers with special needs.  

Recent Comments:
  • You are right, Reverend Shannon!  We do need to create safe spaces for our children to share and to feel safe.  We need to be continued advocates for both the boys and the girls.

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  • Yes, Monica, please feel free to share this as a devotional.  So glad this blessed you!  Thank you!

  • Thank you, for this thoughtful comment, MJill H!  Where you said, "When a person begins to believe in Jesus they are not usually all healed up and just lovely all at once." sums it up, perfectly... view