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A Call to Action

At Inspire 2019, Pastor Mary Hulst issued a call to action for churches went it comes to young adults. She made a profound declaration that something needs to change. Amen to that! 

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1,000,000 or a Name

According to research from Fuller Youth Institute, American churches may lose 33,000,000 emerging adults by 2050. I'm convinced that we cannot look at the “numbers" and be satisfied until we get to know the “names.”

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  • You are welcome. Enjoy the next one

  • I am very excited for you Melissa. Along with what Anna has suggested, might I also suggest "A Biblical Theology of Youth Ministry" written by Micheal McGarry. This is a 2019 publication. A second...

  • Hello Gary, thanks for your post and question. Would you be able to expand on what you mean when you say "Spiritual Growth". Are you looking for something age specific or something more general?...

  • Hey Staci, this is great. Thanks. This article contains language that screams "American" using terms like Middle school. In Canada we use other terms like Junior High and sometimes schools don't...

  • Thanks for the question Angela. A very important topic to address and a timely one. In 2018, a research paper coming out of Canada called "Renegotiating Faith" spoke very directly to this topic....

  • Hello Carla, my name is Ron deVries and I am the Youth Ministry Catalyzer for Faith Formation Ministries. Thanks for your comment and question. I would love to connect about this. My email address...

  • Thanks for those three steps Karen. I pray churches can use them every Sunday.

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  • Thanks for your comments Kristen. I too wonder what life would look like if we modeled these practices and invited others to join us.

  • This is a wonderful opportunity for students pondering next steps in life and faith. 

  • Thank you Eric for these helpful suggestions.