Ron Woodhouse

About Me: 

I am a young Deacon (not in years) with HCRC in Ca. Now going into 3rd year


Computers, our church and taking my wife to the coast so that she may walk the beach. Helping our elders (age) and others in our area and church

  • I made a mistake in my post.

    It should read "1972 and have never heard of this before."


  • I retired as an E7 in 1972 and heard of this before. I spent my last tour on the USS ENTERPRISE. The worst part of this post is the behavior of a Church Elder. As a member of HCRC here I have a...

  • I would say  that your "Hello" answer, as a pastor, was rude though it did let you move on but it didn't leave a very good impression.

  • We still have two collection's in our morning service. One (budget) at our evening service. With input from our congregation, pastors and other outside requests, the Deacons research and discuss....

  • I gave copies of your post to my council. I pray they take it as help and with understanding. I'll find out tonight.


    Thanks, Ron

  • I agree with your position on Mutual Censure and would Pray that church councils would also.