About Me: 

I am a Korean-American pastor. I've been in the ministry since 1978, but in full-time ministry since 1985. I hope to bring about concerns and issues surrounding Korean churches as well as Korean-American churches.

I served in youth ministry for over 20 years (including as an Education pastor). My greatest joy was working with children and youth. To see a young person growing in the Lord and watching them being molded by God is the greatest joy. I still enjoy working with young people, although I have difficult time keeping up physically.

I served as EM pastor for about 10 years. (Few years overlapping with Education). As I got older, I began to work with other (younger) youth pastors. Discipleship and raising leaders for God is the greatest joy and reward in serving God. In fact, I would say that this is what ministry is about. I was blessed with many young people becoming great leaders for Christ - locally and globally. 

I also served as a senior pastor of Korean church (KM) for over 6 years. Here, I truly learned that we need to be careful how and what we pray. I enjoy young people and I said that I would never become a senior pastor, but God had other plans. To be honest, I was forced into this situation, but I must confess that I was truly blessed and grew in ways I never realized. I not only learned to speak Korean but realized what ministry is about in ways I never appreciated. 

I worked at Princeton Theological Seminary as Assistant Director of Asian-American Ministry for about 4 years. During that time, i also worked with PCUSA in governing bodies (Presbyteries, Synod and General Assembly) helping with Korean and Asian American ministries. During these years, I developed my perspectives for ministry beyond a local church - but Kingdom of God.

I am a bi-lingual and bi-cultural person. There is a great need to raise up our young people in Korean churches, who are growing up as English speaking Americans whereas KM is mostly Korean speaking Koreans. My vision is to bring everyone together in Christ.

I am equipped to bridge two cultures together. I don't mean narrowly Korean and American, but majority and minority cultures. The gap between KM and EM is similar gap between majority and minority ethnics. 

Everyone is seeking ways to reach out to the young people. My hope, prayer and vision is to re-introduce Christ to people and to bring people to Christ in a personal and relevant ways. 

When I started my ministry, someone asked me "how do you want us to remember you?" and without thinking I answered, "I want to be an obedient servant" and that has been my life rule. After over 30 years of ministry, I have yet to experience "burn out" as I fully enjoyed His blessings being obedient to His call.

One of my greatest blessings include my wife, who put up with me all these years, and three children, who are gently growing in the Lord. 

I want to share my joys of being blessed in the Lord. I want to share your joys of being blessed by the Lord. Isn't this what it means to be witnesses of Christ?


 I enjoy having "fun" and I try to make everything I do "fun"

I am a electronic junky. I can't say that I am most updated, but I like 'em.

I like teaching and preaching. One of my great joy is making God's Word "fun" and I am wired to see things others do not see. Using imagination and being able to read between the lines and seeing what is not "written" makes reading the Bible "fun" for me. 

Movies and sports - all kinds. More action (not romantic) the better. 

Finding solutions to problems. Puzzles are fun, but solving life-problems are really exciting. 

Of course, EATING!   Only thing better than eating is FEEDING others with my cooking.

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