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From an Overcrowded Boat to a CRC Pulpit: Rev. Matthew Le

"I escaped Vietnam with my younger brother in Jan 1982. I remember 17 people piled into a small boat, 7 yards long and 1 ½ yards wide...It was through the boat trip experience that I now have a clear sense of call doing God’s work."

  • Paul

    I am not sure where you land with this line of reasoning.  What will you do with do not lie, steal, commit adultery.  Should the church be silent on these sins as well.  Please say...

  • Joshua

    Thank you, I agree that the sin can be ambagious.  I especially wonder about racial reconciliation, who reconciles with  who.   Being that we are a confessional community, might...

  • Who cares if the deacon can or cant speak at Classis, or synod, or who has what role if the work of the church of either office is not being done effectively.  We have much to say and are...