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Un Cambio por Medio de la Interrupción

La reciente pandemia ha interrumpido la vida de la iglesia. Los pastores y los líderes de la iglesia rápidamente aprendieron a usar plataformas sociales como Facebook y Zoom. Cuando  la pandemia termine, ¿volverán ellos a utilizar lo que funcionaba en el pasado? ¿Deberían hacerlo? Algunos no.

PastorsRacial Reconciliation
  • Jim thank you for your kind words and keep the prayers coming.  Blessings to you in the retired chapter of your ministry.  

  • Paul

    I am not sure where you land with this line of reasoning.  What will you do with do not lie, steal, commit adultery.  Should the church be silent on these sins as well.  Please say...

  • Joshua

    Thank you, I agree that the sin can be ambagious.  I especially wonder about racial reconciliation, who reconciles with  who.   Being that we are a confessional community, might...

  • Who cares if the deacon can or cant speak at Classis, or synod, or who has what role if the work of the church of either office is not being done effectively.  We have much to say and are...