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Working at Two Different Churches

For a year and a half now, I have worked part-time as a Worship Leader for two different churches. Would I recommend it? If you're up for a challenge and feel God is calling you, I'd say "yes" you can make it work.

  • love, love, love the sound of this!  If I can find a teen or two to go with me,  I will apply for Animate.  Sounds like just what is needed!  Thanks


  • Thank you!

  • Is there a visual arts webinar this coming Wednesday Nov. 8?  I saw it somewhere, but now can't find it ...  thanks for your help


  • Thanks Jan!  That is lovely that you shared music together with the choirs, great idea!   And good to know that others have done the two-church thing with success.  Blessings!

  • Thanks for all these resources, Joyce!  I will for sure look them up.  

    We have done a guitar-driven, slightly altered rhythmic version of "How Great thou Art" for a number of years now,...

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  • This is the most vexing question isn't it?  What key is going to work for "regular" singers?   It's true that in the Key of D, the bridge gets too high, and it stays there, fatiguing the voice.  ...

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