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A Safe Church Jeopardy Game

As important as annual Safe Church training is for staff and volunteers, it can be a challenge to make it engaging. One church had an idea that worked really well: Safe Church Jeopardy! 

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  • Beautifully written - Thank you.

  • A training is coming up April 11-13, 2019 at Willoughby CRC in Langley, BC. Find out more here! Our prayer is that many more churches will begin using restorative practices, which help us to...

  • The webinar talked about leadership structures and contrasted a dominant power-over model of leadership to a partnership power-with and through leadership model. Perhaps that helps clarify. 

  • It was a great webinar! (Power With and Power Through ...)  So thought provoking - and the ideas expressed about a partnership model of power have really stuck with me.

  • Praise our God, who is an amazing, healing, transforming God, able to bring something beautiful out of the darkest places. 

  • Thanks so much for asking this question Annie! (You are on my list of people to get back to, but as you know from previous experience, it sometimes requires patience for a response from Safe...

  • This article has generated a great deal of discussion. The author of this article has provided the final comment (below) and comments are now closed on this post. Thank you for your participation...

  • Many would agree that there are many pastors who act with integrity and do the right thing. That said, many also believe that, "certain pastors will defend other certain pastors actions and try to...

  • Thank you so much Kelly for your courage in sharing your story - I applaud you and am truly grateful. Thanks to for the helpful "summary of the facts" of sexual abuse against men. This story is so...

  • Thanks Bev, we'll have recently made a list of Network articles for review and revision and perhaps deletion. We have done a better job updating our website than keeping our Network pages updated...