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  • hi Staci, yes, that's correct. [email protected] :-)

    thanks for posting. 

  • Andy, one of our deacons has lead this 2-3 times through... Session in progress tonight - I'd be happy to connect you two if it'd help - [email protected] 

  • Word of mouth is the best. Two step plan. 1) You read a good book, if you like it then 2) Tell someone else to read it. that simple.  Getting access to book is easier than ever. (I mean, even we...

  • Goshen CRC had a library up until last year. No one used it :-(, and we wanted to use the space for our exploding kids ministry, so we gave away all the books and made a new nursery. 

    my 2c...

  • This is a great resource - a couple bugs, but overall - thanks to everyone that is working on this. I look forward to using it. 

  • There's obviously better places to find an answer than my answering in a comment section.

    But I think at the very least as a short answer evangelism done for the purpose of obeying and...

  • I think too - that the gospel hope is that this upside-down Kingdom and it's impact on citizens can have a profound positive impact on how people love each other and how people live before God in...

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  • This is good, evangelism one of our biggest roles as church leaders, and frankly, something we're not very good at.  Thanks for the nudge. 

  • This last summer we did a sermon series on the Psalms, and we insisted on singing the matching Psalm from the Blue Psalter. 

    It was enlightening how many of our old timers said "we've been...

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