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Sandra Griffith


Seeking God to find out what his will is for so many people desperately searching for meaning.

Walking, enjoying family time, writing, singing.

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What About Isaac?

Teaching this story to my students helped me attempt to see the story of Abraham's obedience from his son's point of view. Why did he stay so close to Rebekah? Why did he prefer Esau over Jacob?

Faith Nurture
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Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand

This is a story I made up based on the miracle of Jesus feeding the five thousand (Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 6:30-44; Luke 9:10-17; John 6:1-15) after I heard a song on the radio “What If I Gave All." 

Faith Nurture
  • I was writing it more for those of us who have read these stories so often and forget how multi-dimensionally God works.  I was worried that some might take it as gospel truth, but I have also...

  • But what do you do if you are kind of forced to "ghost"?  We started attending a small church because we really wanted community. We were very involved and were realistic about not being accepted...

  • I am amazed at how old songs are coming to my mind as I deal with the world around me.

    My God and I go through the fields together, we walk and talk as good friends should and do...


  • But don't you find that we are becoming like the rest of society in that we sit, listen, and at the end give our "all important thumbs up or thumbs down"?  We can't really participate.  One...

  • So many of our churches in my area must not have proper training then.  I went to so many churches and they all played louder than the congregation.  I am convinced that they do this so that...

  • Hello Christy, I think you have found the heart of worship!  If we all sing together, we are participating in worship.  If we listen to worship music, we rest in the worship.  We can rest in the...

  • I really liked the five dollar coffee gift cards. Cards of encouragement were great too.

  • What if we did not use sound systems to run our services?  The one with the mike controls the service.  Our worship leaders no longer lead.  Because of sound systems, they run the worship.  I...

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  • This is so refreshing to hear.  I am on a journey where I have called on God to tell me what our churches need.  I feel he has directly told me.  So I went to the church, confident that they would...

  • Thank you for seeing it as God's imagination.  He does like to be creative and wants us to be also.  I would love to come to see you at the Well.  I will try to some time in August.

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