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  • Amen

    posted on: Turn Down the Noise
  • Hahaha...hardly a star! I wrote EFF as part of my work for Faith Formation Ministries, and I'm so glad folks are finding it helpful! Thanks for your kind words.

  • This is wonderful, Melissa! I have chills! I'll bet your kids will always remember doing this. 

  • A few days ago the sky was filled with the biggest, brightest rainbow I'd ever seen, and it reminded me of God's love and care for us even as we go through these harrowing times.

  • Steve, thank you so much for this writing. What a beautiful way to start my day--by aspiring to live without guile.....

    posted on: Without Guile
  • Now there's an idea, Hetty. It is so important that we treat children as equal worshipers. There are lots of great ideas for intergenerational worship in Faith Formation Ministries'...

  • Hi Gary! The Building Blocks of Faith toolkit that Karen mentioned above includes an assessment tool that could be helpful to you. You'll find a link to that in the "Ways to Use the Building...

  • Check out the Advent study Christmas: Light Splits the Night from Faith Alive. You might also check out When God Comes Down, an Advent study from Abingdon Press.

  • Jeff, unfortunately that course has been out of print since 2008. I'm very sorry that we no longer have it available for you!

  • Convicting, thought-provoking, and amazingly well-organized! (Ok, that's more than three words, but the adjective is important....those who worked to organize this gathering did an awesome job!)...