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Resource Coordinator, Faith Formation Ministries

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Souvenirs of Faith

We associate souvenirs with traveling, but we also keep them to remind us of faith milestones. A family baptism gown, a signed Bible — these things help us remember moments that shape our identity as people of God.

Faith Nurture
  • I just finished Three Things about Elsie, which I loved. It's kind of a mystery story that takes place in a retirement home, and it has many wonderful insights about how we treat the elderly, what...

  • Ha, good catch, Hetty!  "Lego" is indeed the plural. We'll fix this. 

  • Hi there! Thanks for this question.

    A great resource for your son at this age are the God Loves Me storybooks from Faith Alive. Each book retells a Bible story in simple language that young...

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  • Hi Jenifer,

    Eric is right--the CRC doesn't typically take official positions on books like this, but the Challies article is worth a read.

  • Hi Eric!  Check out "Ten Ways to Talk with Someone About Their Faith"--a one-page resource from Faith Formation Ministries. It includes ten great questions that prompt people to share faith...

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  • We're so glad it's helpful, Fran! You can share the link to this article with folks, and if they'd like paper copies of the Ten Ways tool you can order them from

  • It's very different, Shaun. The Big Question incorporates faith formation practices into the study. You can view a sample of The Big Question here--look for the red "view sample" button. 

  • Sounds like you have a great system worked out, Keith! This Ten Ways tool was intended to help people think about how they can incorporate people of all abilities (including immigrants, refugees,...

  • This is great, Ruth! Can't wait to hear how it goes in your Together group this fall!

  • Beautiful, Jennifer! Thank you!