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Member of Evergreen Ministries Hudsonville, MI I am the volunteer leader of our Media Ministry Team


I work as an Engineer I have been involved in our Media Team as a volunteer video creator. In order to try to expand the ministry, I recently began leading the team by training others in the various aspects of creating video and graphics. We purchased the Adobe Creative Suite and have been taking the last several months to learn it and try to teach others. This is a daunting task as there are endless possibilities with the suite. Media in the church is really fun to be involved with and I wrestle with how to use it effectively so that it is not mere entertainment.

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Can you share your experience about creating videos and graphics for your church or ministry?

I have not come across many churches in the CRC creating original multi-media material. Maybe I just haven't come in contact with churches doing it yet. Is there anyone involved in creating videos and graphics for their churches (or even for other ministries outside our churches)? I would love to hear what you do and begin the conversation. Our church recently purchased the Adobe Creative Suite which has allowed us to really expand artistically and I love seeing what other churches are doing. After reading through some of the threads, I saw a suggestion to create a location on the web for...
  • Tech Gathering/Planning Session

    For anyone interested in meeting to discuss ideas and help plan the future of any gatherings and training, please either post here or email me at [email protected]

  • Mavis,

    Yes, we will need to consider some type of virtual access to the sessions.

    I just posted a comment on the  Social Media Training thread started by Nick Inglis.  It was...

  • Joyce - thank you for offering to support - I'm not exactly sure what all you are able to do as far as this website is concerned, but maybe in the near future if we generate enough interest to...

  • Great responses - thank you!

    Mavis, do you have any ideas on how to work with the Network on this other than just posting?

    Tim and Wendy, my initial intention was to gather in person...

  • I love the idea of a Media Workshop - the Symposium has a lot of great stuff, but seems to be short on the tech end of things.  Its great to see some in the CRC are starting to come together on...

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  • You bring up a very good issue.  I create our digital imagery and videos at Evergreen Ministries and really wanted to make it into a Media team all participating in creating content.  I had about...