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Rev. Shannon Jammal-Hollemans serves as Racial Justice Team Leader for two ministries of the Christian Reformed Church: the Office of Social Justice and the Office of Race Relations. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at Grand Valley State University (Allendale, Michigan) and her Master of Divinity at Calvin Theological Seminary (Grand Rapids, Michigan). She is ordained to her position by Oakdale Park Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Faith formation and discipleship, ethnic and racial diversity and reconciliation, justice, interfaith and ecumenical relationships, belonging and inclusion in the Church

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Parallel Suffering

I hope that God will see me living the gospel—making courageous decisions, sacrificing my comfort for others, giving when it hurts, and trusting God as the great provider to meet my needs and the needs of others. 

Biblical Justice
  • When my children were young, we used Making Time for God: A Devotional for Children and Families to Share by Susan Garrett and Amy Plantinga Pauw. I’d recommend it!

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  • This article explains why this is a threat to Palestinian Christian communities in Jerusalem. 


  • Hi, again. I think we are looking at my comments from pretty difference perspectives. I am writing this as a pastor, identifying a cultural issue in the Church that needs to be addressed. I am...

  • Thanks for your comment, Eric. I think you are misreading the post. I do not ask people to choose between talking about justice and doing justice. I state that Christians are spending too much...

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    Blood Brothers (book: available for purchase on amazon)

    Canadian Friends of Sabeel (website: 


  • Thanks for this thoughtful piece on church culture, and how well we welcome folks. I hope you will come visit us at Oakdale Park CRC (if you haven't already)! Grace and peace as you settle in...

  • Moyes' novel perpetuates a dangerous narrative that it is up to all of us to call out and challenge. Thanks for doing that with this post! 

  • I will Get working on that. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Thanks for your question. We don't have any other guides available yet, but we are working on developing them. Let us know if you have suggestions to pass along!