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I am a lifelong CRC member, and a longtime employee of the CRC in various capacities, currently as Director of Advancement Services* in the Grand Rapids office. I have no official role with the Network, but am very interested in seeing the CRC broaden its influence with younger generations and a wider ethnic community. *I describe Advancement Services as "the backroom for fundraising and communications." Our stellar team in Burlington, Pasadena, and Grand Rapids helps CRC ministries raise support and awareness by managing a large database, processing gifts, producing receipts and reports, streamlining processes, and suggesting best practices.

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What books can we recommend to introduce Christ to young non-Christians?

I spent last weekend with a group of high school students at a program called TEC --Teens Encountering Christ (if you're in West Michigan, check it out: One person in our discussion group is an agnostic, but was asking very good questions about faith. I recommended C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity as a way to help answer some of those questions. Any other suggestions? ~ Sharon
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  • Hello Bert!  It's great to see your name on the Network.  I hope all is well with you and Marie.  And yes, you are a poster child for an "active retirement."  Kudos to you both!

    -- Sharon...

  • Hi Ken --

    If it makes you feel better, not *all* women are better at non-verbals, etc.  I, for one, have had a lot to learn when it comes to listening well, and responding to the message...

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  • Ken, thanks for bringing up this crucial topic.  I'm a parent of two great young adults, and I've worked with teen leaders in the past.  I have been very impressed with their level of thinking and...

  • Hi Lois --

    I was doing a little comparative research for another purpose, and thought I'd share a few cost details I found.

    1) CanadaHelps (, for Canadian...

  • Our IT director alerted me a Google tool that will evaluate a web page and let you know what is likely to be seen, or not seen, by users.

    Here's the main page:

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  • We had an intern a couple of years ago who did some research on church and denomination database issues. In her notes, I found reference to these packages, recommended by someone at the Center...

  • Good thoughts, Sheri. To take a page from design fields, "form follows function." If function (ministry) starts following form (organization), we have a problem.
    ~ Sharon Ellens