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Sonja Hodgen

About Me: 

I am a married, passionate, creative, Jesus-loving gal who loves travel, adventure, sharing the behind the scenes of my life, my journey with chronic illness, and digging into some real-talk. I really love to write (especially about my relationship with God). I am just an imperfect woman seeking God and his plan for my life. 


Writing, travelling, sharing about my relationship with Jesus, reading, and spending time with friends in fellowship. 

  • It can be so hard maintaining a routine when you struggle with chronic health conditions, and that, in addition to all the other struggles, can be very hard. 

    Thank you for sharing with me...

  • It can be a very difficult and tiresome burden. But how amazing how much our struggles can deepen our relationship with Christ!  That is something I will forever be grateful for. And it is amazing...

  • Lynn, I am so grateful that my post articulated that to you. As I'm sure you know, it can be hard to put chronic illness into words. And yes, that would be my honor. I would be delighted for you...

  • Thank you for this wonderful reply! I definitely agree, and I pray that each of us will be able to find our worth through God, and not the world. 

  • Thank you!  Praying we both continue to ask ourselves these questions as we walk with Christ, that we will stay focused on the race we are called to run.