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I am brand new to the CRCNA Communications Team and am looking forward to connecting people to each other and to ministry resources! Born in Cereal City USA (Battle Creek, MI), I grew up in the CRC and have been involved in youth ministry, small groups, and outreach. I currently live in Grand Rapids, MI, with my husband Drew. A few of my favorite things include being outside, DIY projects, and traveling. 


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Family Devotional?

I am looking for a devotional (with scripture references) that our family can use to spark discussion and bring God into our dinner or bedtime conversations. Any ideas?

Faith Nurture
  • Looking back on the books I listed back in January, I have only read Sheryl Sandberg's Option B. I appreciated her insights on tangible ways to show up (in actual helpful ways) when our friends...

  • Hi Ruth! What a great resource. Is the liturgy for Worship leaders? If so, perhaps we could publish as a separate post/resource. Let me know if you'd like to post or would rather email it to me (...

  • I love this post, Michelle. I just a put a couple library holds on Kristen's books. I love her measuring sticks of gratitude and generosity! 

    Also, this, "One of the ways we (and our...

  • Thank you, Karen! Just ordered the Snuggle Time Prayers :) Thanks also for the heads up on FFM's new toolkit coming this fall. Timely and helpful! 

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  • Thanks Bryan! I've heard of She Reads Truth but didn't know about the other options as well. Gonna check out! 

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  • Thanks Stanley & Monica! We have the Jesus Storybook Bible but not the others. Thank you for the good recommendations. 

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  • Thanks Shannon! Love hearing what people have actually used and recommend. Adding to cart! 

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  • Thanks Joel! I wasn't sure if my son was too young but even if he is, he will get older :)  I LOVE the format of how this is organized. Added to Amazon cart :) 

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  • Thank you, Sandy! I think these are a good investment and I happen to know where the bookstore is ;) 

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  • Thanks for sharing this opening Paul!