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I’m a husband, dad, friend, and pastor. –S. I’m a wife, mom, friend, and homemaker. –M.

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A Different Sort of King

As Jesus rides the donkey into Jerusalem, a crowd gathers—ordinary citizens waving palm branches and shouting “Hosanna!” The crowds probably mean “Save us from the Romans." But Jesus has his eyes on a bigger enemy. 

Faith Nurture
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Contagious Courage

I see a church community as a place to experience the contagiousness of courage. Surrounded by fellow hikers on the path, we hear and see people cheering us on while we in turn do the same for others.

Faith Nurture
  • Thank you, Tyler, for sharing this. Very encouraging to read of the almighty and ever present power of God at work in his world and in your life! ~Stanley

  • Thanks for these reminders... Good timing!

  • Just read this in the Dordt Voice that people might also appreciate: It asks what our first priority should be in conversations on divisive...

  • Bob captures why I sometimes feel more satisfaction after mowing the lawn or vacuuming than in preparing a message – I can see the rows in the grass or in the carpet! A file stored in my computer...

  • Trinity CRC Rock Valley (IA) held a blue Christmas service just this past Sunday evening. It involved a candle lighting and times of reflection. I provided a meditation on Mt 2:16-18 (Herod's...

  • Hi Bryan! Something the leadership at Trinity CRC often hears is how it's hard (impossible, actually) to know everyone in a large congregation. The newsletter will not enable us to know everyone;...

  • Trinity CRC's newsletter here in Rock Valley IA, called "News & Views," is published every other month. It typically includes:
       :: a couple articles/reflections on Christian living in...

  • These aren't devotionals but our kids (and we as parents, too) have appreciated these over the years:
       :: Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Jago (highly recommended)...

    posted on: Family Devotional?
  • I, too, wish to express appreciation for you sharing your story. I pray it encourages others and empowers more people to seek help via medical professionals, friends, prayer, and whatever other...

  • Thanks, Colin! I don't address it in this series of articles, but sometime I'd like to blog about the CRC's preparatory forms and being "ready enough" to partake. In part 2 of this series, I talk...