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Small Groups on Facebook

There is a group of us on Facebook who have decided to form a small group. Has anyone else done this? If so, do you have suggestions that might help as we begin our group?

Small Groups
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Once an elder, always an elder?

I was ordained as an elder and served my 3 year term. Now that I am done with that term, am I still considered to be an elder? If I happen to be at a service where there is a call for elders to participate in Communion or laying on of hands for an ordination service, may I participate as en elder?
Church Order
  • I don’t have a specific devotional, but you could share some thoughts based on Matthew 25:31-46. What are some of the ways we might see Jesus and how have others seen Jesus in us?

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  • Will this webinar be available for listening to at a later time?

  • Karen, here is one more example of broken dreams - couples preparing for their child and finding out that he/she has disabilities. How can we be there for them as they are forced to rethink their...

  • Several examples from the Bible come to mind when it comes to leadership development. Joshua was mentored by Moses for over 40 years before God finally said it was his turn to lead the Israelites...

  • Katie

    Thank you for your response and suggestions. I will check out the resources you mentioned. New situations like this require people to step out of their comfort zone. This includes...

  • Could it be that part of the "problem" is that churches in North America are discovering that being missional means more than supporting missionaries in other countries? Conservative as well as...

  • Mark, thank you for this post. As I mentioned in my email to you, your post comes at a very good time because we are currently in the middle of a series in our small groups on bioethics. Since I...

  • I am currently reading The Painful Side of Leadership, Moving Forward Even When it Hurts by Jeff Iorg. it's an excellent book for pastors and leaders. Sometimes pain comes as a result of followers...

  • As I mentioned in my comment to your first post, our future pastors need to explore what it means for the church to be inclusive with people with disabilities. What does the Bible say about...

  • Hi, Geri. It's been almost 4 months since you shared about your short-term committee. First of all, how is it going? I hope you've received a positive response from your various committees as well...